1. What is the background of MU

MUCHARGING (Macau) Limited and MU (Hong Kong) Limited are indirect wholly-owned subsidiaries of MECOM Power and Construction Limited (“MECOM”) (HKEX 1183). In September 2020, MECOM, through a directly wholly-owned subsidiary, entered into a joint venture term sheet with ubitricity Gesellschaft für verteilte Energiesysteme mbH(“UBITRICITY”). UBITRICITY is the second largest public EV charger facilities provider in the UK. Based in London and Berlin, UBITRICITY is one of the leading providers in Europe when it comes to intelligent solutions for charging and billing electric cars. Its shareholders include Honda Motor Company, SIEMENS, Heinz Dürr Invest GmbH and so on.

MU combines the successful experience of charging pile installation from UBITRICITY and the experience of MECOM in the installation of electric vehicle (EV) charging systems in Macau, plus MECOM's rich expertise in high-voltage substation construction and system installation, the joint development can bring huge synergy and commercial benefits to both parties.

To suits market needs, MU also cooperates with EN+, a mainland based total-solution supplier of EV charging station and cloud management system. EN+ is experienced in research and develop works in the new energy industry and owns more than 50 patents. EN+ collaborates with BYD, PetroChina, Evergrande, Huawei, as well as overseas partners such as Panasonic, Hyundai Power, Energiplan and many others, with products exported to more than 25 countries and regions.

MU currently target at the Greater Bay Area - China's new energy vehicle development and manufacturing hub, and is committed to developing cost-effective, high-tech, and low-cost EV charging with mobile billing system solutions.

2. How can MU help to install my own EV charger at my parking space?

If you are interested to install an EV charging system at your car park, please send your details and address to mu@mecommacau.com. Our team will contact you to confirm your request as soon as possible. We will then approach the relevant building management office or incorporated owners committee to discuss and explain the installation process shortly. A free of charge feasibility study will then be conducted by experienced engineer team to find out possibility of installation.

3. Does MU EV charger suits my EV? Can I choose my EV charger model?

All MU EV chargers are universal Type 2 sockets and can be used with Type 1 or Type 2 charging cable. According to the site condition of your carpark, our engineering experts will give you a complete consultancy to recommend the best model to suit your needs.

4. Can I install an EV charging system to a rental parking space?

MU only accept application from the registered carpark owner of the installation address to prevent any unauthorised action. However, you may contact the registered carpark owner for an application authorization or ask them to approach MU directly. Generally, it is always a good idea to install an EV charging system in rental parking spaces as this will increase their rental value.

5. How far can an EV travel after charging with MU EV charger?

There are 2 type of EV charging systems, 3.7 kW (Single-Phase) charging and 22 kW (3-Phase) charging. A 3.7 kW (Single-Phase) charging can provide travel distance of 18.5 km/hr, while the 22kW charger can increase it up to 110 km/hr. Taking the 3-phase 22kW, 32A medium charging as an example, an EV can travel about 105km after 1-hour charging, which is about 2 times the distance from urban area to the airport in Hong Kong. The driving range of an EV depends on various factors including battery capacity, road conditions and driving mode, etc. A typical EV can travel for more than 130 km after a full charging. For some advanced models, the driving range can reach more than 400 km.

6. I own more than one EV; can I install one EV charger to serve all my cars?

We recommend installing a EV charger at each of your parking space. For security reason, each MU charger only applies to one registered EV license plate number that is used in the application process. A personal MU Charging APP account will be given to each individual customer. Only authorised account can enable charging with the assigned MU EV charger to ensure charging security.

8. My friend has also applied for your EV charging service. Why is there a difference on our service fee plan?

We may review and adjust your service plan according to the environmental factors in your car park, such as power supply and EV charging infrastructure required. The specific needs of users or the service promotion plan also varies the service plans.

9. What should I choose MU charger?

MU provide experienced engineering team to design your system

Our customers will not have to go through the complicated application to the government

24/7 maintenance service

Reasonable installation cost

Easy and friendly e-payment process

3. How long will the installation process take?

It normally takes 2 months for the installation and testing process. However, this may vary from case to case.

4. Do MU EV Chargers have qualified safety standard?

All MU chargers have over current protection, residual current protection, short circuit protection, ground protection, surge protection, over/under voltage protection, over/under frequency protection, over/under temperature protection. Working temperature of MU chargers ranges from -30℃ to +50℃ and they work fine in any environment of 5%~95% humidity below 2000m altitude.

1. 「自由充」的背景是什麼?

「自由充(澳門)有限公司」及「自由充(香港)有限公司」是澳能建設控股(股份代號: 1183.HK)與德國UBITRICITY的聯營公司。UBITRICITY是英國電動車公共充電設施的第二大供應商,獲得德國西門子及日本本田汽車參與投資,在英國倫敦市區安裝了大約2000個充電設施,擁有先進成熟及營運歐洲大城市群集式充電樁系統的專利技術,包括移動計費系統,對提供電動汽車充電及移動計費系統解決方案十分有經驗。


「自由充」更加得到歐美公司EFACEC的充電樁產品代理。 EFACEC成立於1948年,業務遍及多個國家,並出口到各大洲。EFACEC旗下的充電樁產品包括家用及商業大型車用快充,可配合客戶的不同充電需要。

此外,為了滿足市場需求,「自由充」還與EN+合作。EN +是內地的電動汽車充電站和雲管理系統的整體解決方案供應商。 EN +在新能源行業的研發工作方面經驗豐富,並擁有50多項專利。 EN +與比亞迪,中石油,恆大,華為以及松下,現代動力,Energiplan等海外合作夥伴合作,產品出口到25多個國家和地區。

2. 我想在我的私人停車位安裝及鋪設電動車充電網絡,應該怎樣做?


3. 「自由充」充電器適合我的EV嗎?我可以選擇我的充電器型號嗎?


4. 我可以在租用停車位上安裝電動汽車充電系統嗎?


5. 使用「自由充」充電器充電後,電動車可以行駛多遠?

電動車充電系統有2種類型,即3.7 kW(單相)充電和22 kW(3相)充電。 3.7 kW(單相)充電可提供18.5公里/小時的行駛距離,而22kW充電器可將其增加到110公里/小時。以三相22kW,32A中等充電為例,電動汽車在充電1小時後可以行駛約105公里,相當於香港機場到市區的距離的2倍。電動汽車的行駛範圍取決於各種因素,包括電池容量,道路狀況和行駛模式等。典型的電動汽車充滿電後可以行駛130公里以上,對於某些高級型號,續駛里程更可以達到400公里以上。

6. 我擁有多輛電動車,我可以安裝一個充電器為我所有的汽車服務嗎?

我們建議您在每個停車位都安裝一個電動車充電器。基於安全原因,每個「自由充」充電器僅適用於該申請註冊的電動車車牌號。 「自由充」會員計費APP帳戶將分配給每個客戶。只有授權帳戶才能使用指定的「自由充」充電器啟用充電,以確保充電安全。

8. 我的朋友也申請了自由充的服務,為什麼我和他的收費表不一樣?


9. 為什麼選擇「自由充」充電器?






3. 安裝過程需要多長時間?


4. 「自由充」充電器是否具有合格的安全標準?

所有「自由充」充電器都具有過電流保護,剩餘電流保護,短路保護,接地保護,電湧保護,電壓保護,頻率保護及溫度保護。 「自由充」充電器的可正常工作溫度範圍為-30℃至+ 50℃,並且在海拔2000m以下,濕度5%〜95%的任何環境下均可正常工作。


「自由充(澳门)有限公司」及「自由充(香港)有限公司」是澳能建设控股(股份代号: 1183.HK)与德国UBITRICITY的联营公司。UBITRICITY是英国电动车公共充电设施的第二大供应商,获得德国西门子及日本本田汽车参与投资,在英国伦敦市区安装了大约2000个充电设施,拥有先进成熟及营运欧洲大城市群集式充电桩系统的专利技术,包括移动计费系统,对提供电动汽车充电及移动计费系统解决方案十分有经验。


「自由充」更加得到欧美公司EFACEC的充电桩产品代理。 EFACEC成立于1948年,业务遍及多个国家,并出口到各大洲。EFACEC旗下的充电桩产品包括家用及商业大型车用快充,可配合客户的不同充电需要。

此外,为了满足市场需求,「自由充」还与EN+合作。EN +是内地的电动汽车充电站和云管理系统的整体解决方案供应商。 EN +在新能源行业的研发工作方面经验丰富,并拥有50多项专利。 EN +与比亚迪,中石油,恒大,华为以及松下,现代动力,Energiplan等海外合作伙伴合作,产品出口到25多个国家和地区。








电动车充电系统有2种类型,即3.7 kW(单相)充电和22 kW(3相)充电。 3.7 kW(单相)充电可提供18.5公里/小时的行驶距离,而22kW充电器可将其增加到110公里/小时。以三相22kW,32A中等充电为例,电动汽车在充电1小时后可以行驶约105公里,相当于香港机场到市区的距离的2倍。电动汽车的行驶范围取决于各种因素,包括电池容量,道路状况和行驶模式等。典型的电动汽车充满电后可以行驶130公里以上,对于某些高级型号,续驶里程更可以达到400公里以上。


我们建议您在每个停车位都安装一个电动车充电器。基于安全原因,每个「自由充」充电器仅适用于该申请注册的电动车车牌号。 「自由充」会员计费APP帐户将分配给每个客户。只有授权帐户才能使用指定的「自由充」充电器启用充电,以确保充电安全。

8. 我的朋友也申请了自由充的服务,为什么我和他的收费表不一样?








3. 安装过程需要多长时间?


4. MU电动汽车充电器有合格的安全标准吗?